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Downunder Tradies will assist you in acquiring the necessary documents and accreditations required for you to work in the UK Construction Industry before you leave Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. We will facilitate the required steps, taking the stress and inconvenience out of these timely processes, avoiding you weeks of potential complications on arrival. Our packs are designed to prepare you quickly and efficiently for commencing work soon after you arrive, as well as providing a smooth transition to help you settle in to life in the UK.

The following is a comprehensive list of how we can help you get started on your great adventure.


1. ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test
In order to work on any UK construction site, carpenters must demonstrate health and safety awareness. This is achieved through passing the ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test - a 45 minute, computer based test, consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. You will be provided with a Study Book to prepare you for the Test before you arrive. On your arrival in the UK we will schedule a test date convenient for you. ConstructionSkills Health, Safety & Environment Test is held at the Great Britain Construction Training Centre in Isleworth, London.

2. National Academic Recognition Information Centre – UK NARIC

A Statement of Comparability will need to be obtained from UK NARIC. This is an officially recognised document that confirms recognition of an overseas qualification and its comparable level in the UK. We will arrange the application for your Statement of Comparability. This, together with a pass result from the ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test will allow us to apply for your Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card (see point 3 below).

3. Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card

To work in the UK Construction Industry you will need to have proof of competence. A CSCS Card will state your qualifications and show you have passed the ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test. A CSCS application will need to be completed and your qualifications submitted (ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test pass result/Statement of Comparability) along with employer references, to CSCS to be assessed.
You will then be issued with a CSCS Card (licence) stating your trade.
We will provide you with and assist you in submitting your CSCS Card Application.


Are you arriving in the UK and need help getting started?

1. A UK informative guide

2. Assistance with opening a UK bank account

3. National Insurance (NI) Number Assistance

4. And much much more!


1. Oyster Card

The public transport system in London is very well connected. We will provide you with an Oyster Card with £10 credit so you can start using it as soon as you arrive. The Oyster Card can be used on Buses, Tube (Underground), Trams, DLR, and some National Rail services in London.

An Oyster Card uses credit when you need it and doesn't expire, and ensures you are always charged the cheapest fare.

2. TNT Guide to the UK & Ireland

This guide contains relevant and up to date information for your move to the UK – tips for moving overseas, latest visa information, travel information and more.


UK Start Up Pack - Carpenters/Joiners - Buy Now!

All Downunder Tradies UK Start Up Packs are designed to assist tradespeople in beginning work in the UK as soon as possible – either with Downunder Tradies or another company.

Purchasing this or any UK Start Up Pack does not guarantee you a job placement with Downunder Tradies.
All of our job placements are determined after completing our registration process and a one on one appointment with a Downunder Tradies team member where qualifications, past experience and individual suitability for the job are taken into consideration.

Full Terms and Conditions for UK Start Up Packs can be found here