Working in the United Kingdom

In order to begin work in the UK Construction Industry you will need to acquire certain accreditations and certifications.

As a trades resourcing specialist we have work opportunities in construction for all trades through our partners, offering you:

  • Excellent rates of pay, under the ‘day work’ and ‘price work’ schemes
  • A wide choice of short term and long term positions
  • Quality job placements with an optimum working environment
  • A friendly, dedicated Downunder Tradies team who will guide and advise you in all areas

An Opportunity To Work In The UK

The opportunity for Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans to experience a ‘working holiday’ in the United Kingdom is greatly sought after.

By taking up such an opportunity, you are allowing yourself to:

  • Extend personal experience and gain a broader horizon on life
  • Challenge yourself and gain personal life skills
  • Make friends, meet new people, experience another culture and new places
  • Gain new skills in your trade and expand your professional knowledge
  • Use your craft to go beyond usual career goals
  • Experience growth and development as a Tradesperson and as an individual

If you do not hold British Citizenship, you will need a Visa in order to work in the UK. Visit the UK Govt Website to find out which Visa you are eligible for.